Q&A Answers

Hey guys! Thanks for your questions. I like doing these here because I'm not limited to 140 characters for answers for people to then misinterpret. So here we are! Feel free to comment here if you enjoy something!  My  advice for women is to become the smartest person in the room. The "glass ceiling" is a real thing. It exists in most work places no matter how diverse they try to be. Most of the time, a man is in charge and men just don't think of the women they employ as equals, unless they have a special connection to them (like family).  So be smarter. Be one step ahead and don't be a "girl" about business. It's business. It's about you first and everything else second. Trust me, every employer thinks of their business first, not you first. I've worked everywhere. Newsrooms, TV shows, Ad offices, modeling world. Doesn't matter. Be the smartest and the most prepared. And ask for what you want. People will tell you no, all the more reason to find the ones that will say yes. Be professional at all times, you can still have fun, but keep it on the up.  Be aware of your opportunities and know your worth. Confidence is worth more than you know. "You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything."  

No. I don't have any desire to see what that kind of future holds. I'm an old soul. I don't enjoy much about new technologies and developments and such. I like to just live in the now and take it easy. 

I have been pretty fortunate not to have made any gleaming on air mistakes...yet. I have had to guess on the weights a couple of times and have felt like I might say the wrong thing but it usually comes out alright! Before the show starts though, sometimes we have to announce the foreign commentary teams and their names just don't come naturally to me! I don't have a German accent so I'm pretty sure I butcher Holger Boschen every time. I think he forgives me though! Haha. 

Ah, the old wrassler question. I am going to say what I've said before which is I am a trained wrestler. I trained at both FCW and NXT. In Tampa and Orlando respectively. YES I have trained with my husband. Yes. I have wrestling boots. Yes I have more gear than some of the female wrestlers that are currently on TV (the whole "always be prepared and never look anything but the part on TV"...that's in me). I was hired as a wrestling talent. Things went a different way. When I got hired in 2011 they were looking for different things. I was an athletic model...there were more of us than independent girls. Now that's changed quite a bit.  So maybe I don't fit into this current crop of talent? But I never say no, because I don't like to put my foot in my mouth. I don't make those decisions though. We all express that and people still don't seem to understand that a lot of things are not in our control as talent. All I can do is make suggestions and work really hard on ideas which I have done many times already. I am a jack of many trades. Someday maybe I'll share some on camera work with you guys. But not today. So I guess, that answer will have to do for now. Check back with me in a little while though. You never know what might happen 👀

My Favorite 2015 Moments 

2015 was a year of highs and lows for me. The emotional roller coaster inspired me to begin writing this blog in the first place.  As we shift into another year I'm reflecting on all that happened this year past. Hope you enjoy looking back with me on some of my favorite moments. Hall of Fame 2015. I walked the red carpet with my father-in-law Dusty Rhodes. It was the first and last time I got to do this with him. It was an off year because Cody was not attending for the first time. Instead of having me do interviews, Michael Cole opted for me to be a guest with Dusty. I am very grateful for that. We had a fun night. People don't know this but Dusty did not feel well that day. I had to push him to do this interview with Maria and Michael. I knew he was mad at me but I made him do it. My mind was telling me that if I didn't get him up there I'd regret it. My intuition was right. Because it's a great moment in history. The last time the world saw Dusty be Dusty. It was the last time I got to complain with him about inductees talking for too long and the bus ride being a pain in the butt. I remember it all so fondly. I did not know at the time that Dusty was leaving us soon. Had I known, I'd have done everything just the same. It was a perfect night. This night is my second to last memory of Dusty. He and I know my very last. Again, I didn't understand that one at the time, but when he passed I knew what it all meant.  So now that I'm crying and the woman sitting next to me on the plane is giving me sympathetic looks, I must move on. 


We bought the Texas Rhodes House in May of 2015 and I am just elated with it. I've told the story a million times. 12 rentals until I found my true home with my true love. This gypsy wanders no more. This house represents so much for us. The first major fruits of our labor. Something to show for with all of the travel and the hard work. Something concrete. We put down roots for the first time here. Two kids who vowed to be wanderers for life found each other and changed their plans. This is one of the many steps we have taken towards our commitment to being an awesome little family. It's also a big deal that Pomeranian Colby-Jack made it to his forever home. He's a little old man and he has lived a long life with me. He deserved to finally settle into a home as well. In 2016 we will continue with plenty of more I am sure.        

My first trip to Asia took place this year. I did not want to go. Dusty passed 2 weeks before. Going meant leaving my family behind to grieve, and leaving my husband all alone. I hated myself and I hated the people who put me on it and didn't offer to take me off. But in the long run...it was the most refreshing tour. I was shown love and respect here. The fans were so amazing I couldn't believe it. At a time when I needed peace and understanding the WWE Universe of Asia provided that and I was so grateful. I cannot wait to return here again. 


Meeting Elijah (Drax Shadow) was a huge surprise. It happened at a time when my husband certainly wasn't himself. This witty, inspiring child and his family were a huge help in turning things around for us. Elijah was so cool and fun to be around. His contract signing on RAW was so much fun and he did such a great job delivering his lines. He allowed my husband to have fun at work again and be himself. It was such a great moment. We have become friends since, and I enjoy finding out about Elijah's progress and victories. He's a great kid with a great family behind him. 


Our 2 year anniversary was a superb night. We found out there was an amazing steakhouse in our area and they treated us like a Queen and King that night. We had a private table to enjoy our dinner peacefully outdoors with candles and the whole bit. We were able to slow dance together on the outdoor patio alone and retrace the steps of our wedding dance. Its a memory I will never forget. It's so awesome to be so in love, and such a great blessing to have each other through thick and thin. I adore my husband. He's one of the great ones. That makes me one of the lucky ones, indeed. 

     This year was Halloween Horror Night's 25 year anniversary. We are HHN fanatics. Have been ever since one of our first dates their. I say we fell in love there but for me, I was honestly in love immediately :) this year was the best year I've attended, and that's saying a lot. Every year that I have been has been excellent and a ton of fun but this one was surely special. Getting to stay in the Presidential suite in our favorite hotel. Getting to see Jack the clown perform live and getting toured around by the guy who makes it all happen every year. It was pretty damn awesome! Looking forward to seeing what HHN brings us in 2016! And how can you not love this art render of Jack, Stardust and I?


Thanksgiving was the first time we housed both of our families at once. The Texas Rhodes House is all decorated and settled into and it was just lovely to have everyone together at the same time. I enjoyed putting all of my holiday decorations together and just having that time off to spend with family. I am hoping we can host Thanksgivings for many years to come in this house. Hopefully next year the theater room will be complete and we can have one heck of a movie night with the whole fam! 

      First Christmas in the new house was excellent. We found a great place to get a Christmas Tree which I know we will use for years to come. We were able to make memories and keep up our tradition of our crazy Christmas Eve shopping game, church and dinner out. We are really enjoying where we live and all it has to offer. I enjoyed especially having a super warm Christmas! Cody wanted snow...I feel there is still PLENTY of time for all of that. After all, I am not a snow child. A relaxing Christmas at home with our dog children, however, was exactly what the doctor ordered!

      Star Wars was epically awesome. Arguably the best movie I have EVER seen. I fancy myself a huge movie buff and my top list is very good. Star Wars probably takes the cake, because it had so much to live up to and it was able to deliver. Old characters, new characters, nostalgia and things to look forward to. It was simply a bad ass movie. When you work so hard and so much, a movie like this is like a great escape. I love letting myself get lost in a great story. I saw this movie twice already. I never see anything twice in theaters. This movie was a winner and deserves every dollar earned and every accolade given. If you haven't seen it yet...GO SEE IT!

   Last but not least Eden's Style officially launched at the end of 2015. This is my labor of love. I worked for months and months to make this happen and I am very proud of it and its success so far. So many program ideas get turned down after a lot of hard work and pitching. Mine was fortunate to survive the process! Thankful to all of you for tuning in week after week and allowing it to be a success. I enjoy hearing your feedback and I promise there are exciting things coming for Eden's Style and Eden Stiles in 2016. Thank you for all of your love and support. It truly means the world to me! 

   As we move into 2016, I encourage you all to do so with open eyes, hearts and minds. Go after those dreams and attack those goals. Let's crush it together. I dream huge and it has gotten me this far. It will take me wherever I'm going with a grateful heart and spirit. Here's to a New Year guys! 🍾🍾🍾