Not Pregnant

Every time I post something on Instagram or Twitter about having a surprise or something good happening in my life or even just being happy in general, about 100 people tweet me "congratulations you must be pregnant". Ok, no? I'm not pregnant and secondly, ew? That's a pretty personal conclusion to make. Why do people jump to that conclusion SO quickly?   If it were the 50s, I'd understand. However, it's 2016! Having a baby isn't the biggest accomplishment a woman can make and, surprisingly (sense my sarcasm please) we aren't all chomping at the bit to grow a human in our bellies the second we get married! I've only been married 2 1/2 years. I am NOT on the baby train. 

My husband and I both have intense careers. We travel 4 or 5 days a week every single week. I don't see that changing anytime soon. It'd be a bad choice for me, career-wise, to decide to have a baby right now. I have a number of accomplishments still on my list before even considering that path. 

Thankfully, we know more medically now than we did in the past and there is no rush to have kids anymore. My clock is not ticking. Hell, my grandmother had my mom when she was 40. I feel completely fine about focusing on me right now instead of worrying about adding to our family. It's not something I'm interested in or ready for. 

When did the notion come about that you have to have kids? For the longest time, I didn't want kids at all. I still don't want kids currently. When I'm done doing what I want to do, I'd like to have one KID.  Not multiple. If I have twins well then, the jokes on me ha. But Baby Rhodes, ain't gonna be that exciting y'all. It's probably going to be a figure skater if it's a girl. Doubt you're into that! Plus, he or she won't be on Instagram or Twitter. Not until they are old enough to understand what in the world it even is and hopefully by that time, they won't be into it. Again, not that exciting. 

A child is a huge responsibility. I am "Worlds Greatest Auntie" to my niece, and very grateful to be! In my college days, I was a nanny for 3 kids under the age of 5 on my days off classes. I have gotten a taste of what it's like. They never stop. Much as I adored those kids I was exhausted at the end of each day, and happy when mom and dad came back for them! You can't give kids back once you have them. You can't pawn them off on other people all of the time, that's not fair to them. You have to be ready for the commitment and I certainly am not. I still enjoy going to theme parks on a whim, random tropical vacations, the occasional Vegas jaunt. I still enjoy not having to think about logistics and just doing what I please. I'm still a kid in many ways, and no one can make me really grow up (except a kid, so not yet).

All of this to say currently, kids are OFF THE LIST.  If it seems like I'm offended by people wanting me to have a baby, I'm not. At the end of the day people can have all of these grandiose ideas, but I don't have to listen to them. Which has basically been my choice about just about everything in life and I just keep on climbing. Well now at least you know how I feel about the issue. When the time is right it's my first priority. But my priority, not anyone else's. So try not to be too concerned about my uterus. It's happy as can be right now. Every time I post something vague (it's what we do sometimes...a little mystery is cool!) know that pregnancy probably isn't the go to.