The Cream Always Rises


I think I’m a good person. I think most of us think we are good people. We aren’t on drugs, we pay our bills, we treat others with respect and kindness and we focus on having friendly dispositions. These are some things I use to define my “goodness” I don’t know what you use. But we go along in life following these “measurements” and working out hardest. However, we run into these obstacles. Yet, Sally, who works across the way from us. Who’s been working here a shorter time, is late 4 out of 5 days a week, calls in sick when she’s clearly not, and has been written up a time or two...SALLY gets the damned promotion that WE were owed! We earned it, right? We deserve more responsibility, more money, more...RESPECT! 


Dont you hate it when people tell you life’s not fair? I can’t stand it. What a crock! How is that an answer? Well, shamefully it is. But you know what else is an answer? The cream always rises.  


You know what that means for us good guys? We get to live to fight another day and we don’t have to take no for an answer. Because we are good. Because values count for something. Because not everything is right here right now. Some things are worth more. WE are worth more. So how do we ensure that the cream rises? Well, sometimes we have to get really real, and that does NOT take away from your cream crown.  


Sometimes, you have to tell a mother lover OFF. Keep your crown on while you do this.  But the next time Sally gets promoted before you...learn to SAY NO.  “Hey Brandi, Sally can’t do XYZ today can you?”  “No I can’t. That’s not my responsibility though and I’m SURE Sally as the new Sr VP can figure out a way...after all she was the best candidate for the job!” Smile, blink, walk away. Adjust crown. People love to take advantage of us good folk. Learn the difference between appreciation and being taken for granted, and don’t allow it. 


Stay creamy. Don’t stoop to someone else’s level. If it’s beneath you to be catty don’t be catty. People will be disappointed when you won’t gossip, when you won’t throw someone else under the bus.  When you won’t lie to make a buck. But trust me, in the long run it will be worth more that you didn’t compromise your values to coincide with someone else’s agenda. Being true to yourself will pay off when you FINALLY align with likeminded people who understand your values and your vision.  


Learn to walk away. We live in a society where the amount of time you spend doing one thing is supposed to define you. I worked here for 10 years, I started a school program and I finished it. This is all great if you LOVE it. But if along the way you discover you don’t love it, and more importantly, you don’t love how you’re treated or are being kept from reaching your full potential: here’s the only phrase you need to master: “Thanks for the opportunity but I must move on”. SEE YA BYE!!!! If someone doesn’t recognize your worth, tell ‘em boy bye. (Or girl). Preferably after you’ve devised a plan of what you are going to do next to fill your soul AND pay your bills.  


I felt the need to write this after an eye opening evening of a lot of professional BS. Had to remind myself that I’m the cream and I don’t have time for anyone trying to pull me down while I’m getting my rise on. 💪🏾 Anybody feel me? Let me know in those comments y’all. 💛

What do Frugal People Spend Their Money on??


I pride myself on being relatively good with money. It’s easier for me to save than to spend. When I see something that I like I often find myself asking “will this go on sale in a few weeks and make me angry?!”  Haha. Most of the time I let it ride. Like this bag at Anthropologie that I’m currently stalking. It will go on sale, and it will be mine! 


Being a frugal gal doesn’t mean I don’t spend though. Obviously, I have champagne taste, and I’m not interested in the beer budget category if it’s not completely necessary but, I’ve come to learn that frugal people will go the extra mile when it comes to certain things... so I figured I’d share mine to see how I line up with the rest of you frugalistas! 


1. Gifts

I NEVER budget shop for gifts, unless I’ve agreed to do a budget with the party I’m exchanging with. I go with my heart on gift giving. Sometimes gifts are expensive and otherwise not at all! If I feel the person will love it, I get it. Simple. 


2. Skincare

I think budget skincare is bad juju. I have sensitive skin and I do whatever it takes to keep it happy. As I get older, that seems to be a hell of a lot more haha! All these moisturizers and eye creams and SPF 50’s a wonder I don’t drown in skincare! Under this umbrella I’m also going to place Makeup. Quality make up looks better and lasts longer AND...doesn’t break me out. I’ll always pay more for that peace of mind!  


3. Housekeeping

I have a husky. Enough said 😂.  But honestly I love a clean house. I wasn’t blessed with domestic ability.  I can style, design and arrange, but when it comes to cleaning I am helpless! I like to entertain so, it’s imperative to have a housekeeper so that people aren’t subject to my dogs hair every time they come over. Or dust everywhere for that matter.  


4. Recently - Cars

I used to be so frugal about cars. I always thought they didn’t matter. Until I started driving a lot, and my family became 2 humans and 3 dogs. It’s not possible to tote all of that around and luggage in a Mustang. Sorry.  So when I bought my Mercedes SUV I told them everything I wanted in a car, including the color, and they delivered. I also added the package for free car cleanings because...again with the dog. His hair is a curse. I want my car to always feel brand new! was money well spent. Happy family!  

5. Home

Our home in Dallas is a dream house. We again, decided everything we wanted and set out to find it. Hoping to do the same thing here in GA, our home here is very much temporary as I had about 10 seconds to get here from across the country to film WAGS.  (Seriously, I had two weeks to find, move into and set up a place and PART of those two weeks I was in ENGLAND! 🤦🏽‍♀️) It’s not my style, but it works for filming purposes.  But I of course miss our Dallas home SO much! Fingers crossed we can find another perfect place in ATL!  

Now I flip this over to you guys! What do you spend your money on? What will you pay whatever it takes to make sure it’s right? Leave it in the comments!  


FINALLY the cats out the bag about WAGS Atlanta! I begin press tomorrow regarding the show, so stay tuned to social media for info on interviews and appearances etc. 


To answer a few key questions off the top: yes you will see Cody on the show, and YES they did film at one of my WOH matches, so hopefully you will see that (and if you already suspected the show, that's probably how you found out, as many saw camera crews at one of the ROH shows 🤷🏽‍♀️)


Anyways, it was a BIG news week for me! On a Friday I was also named one of the 50 Most Beautiful Atlantans by Modern Luxury! How cool is that?! There are tons of beautiful women in Atlanta, I feel like a princess having been chosen!  I'm in the current issue of Jezebel Magazine representing! Be sure to pick up a copy! 


But now that it's out I want to hear from you guys!! Was it what you thought I was working on over the past few months? Was it a surprise? Are there things you are hoping to see from me on the show? Things you're hoping not to see? Are you guys excited? Let me know in the comments!  


I'll take success, with haters on the side please.


The most common question I am ever asked is this: "How do you deal with haters?"   

I have a fairly large following on social media. Most of this following seems interested in my well being and keeping up with my endeavors and successes, but a pocket of them wish for the opposite. I get everything from angry wrestling fans who think I don't deserve the opportunities I've been afforded, to people who don't like the color of my skin, or the color of my husband's skin, for that matter. With social media, you just never know what you're going to get and a lot of times, what you get is hate.

Theres no manual on how to deal with hate on social media. For many of us it takes time, and for a lot of us entertainers, it's a learning curve. I definitely don't handle social negativity perfectly all of the time, but here are a few things that I've learned along the way that seem to help me deal...

1)  It won't ever go away. 

You cant wait it out. Social hate is never ending, so long as you are moving forward. So get used to it. Settle into it and just learn to deal.  

2) Shock Value

Haters go for shock value. When my husband suddenly lost his father a couple of years back people said things you wouldn't believe. Things no human should ever say out loud. Things that make me understand exactly why some of the terrible things in this world happen. There are sick people out there and the internet is accessible to all of them. They will say the most shocking things they can dream up just to get an answer. Sad, but true. don't have to always react. That's the hardest thing to me. When people attack innocent friends and family members, those are the times I've lashed out. But it's done no good. People continue to be awful whether you acknowledge them or not. Ghosting them is the best option. 

3) Do Not Block!

There are accounts who's entire goal is to get as many celebrities as possible to block them so they can brag about it. Silly, right? I won't give them the satisfaction. I mute them and let them talk to themselves....FOREVER.  It drives them crazy that I won't block them. It gives me peace of mind because I can't see their jibber jabber anymore. It just works! 🤷🏽‍♀️ 

4) Haters Aren't the Majority

Social is weird. You get a lot of positive comments, but the negative ones stick out like a sore thumb. 100 people can tell me I look great, but if one says I look fat, it's tough to look past. In those cases I try to remember the numbers are greater on the light side than the dark side. Many times I'll comment back to the positive people and skip the negative blatantly. It makes me feel better to focus on the positive and treat the negative like it simply doesn't exist.  By the way, thank you SO much to each and every one of you guys that comments frequently here on the blog. I love it. You're all amazing and positive. Even opposing thoughts are positive and respectful. I truly appreciate that and encourage you guys to help me keep this space so cool and open!  

4) Keep Doing You

The best revenge is success. Keep climbing that mountain. Keep making moves. Stay happy and positive and celebrate those blessings in life. Sure, it's going to make the bitter hate even more, but that's not your problem. My job as an entertainer is to shoot for the stars and make others happy. In the midst of that I feel fulfilled and happy myself. I can't jeopardize that for a few negative Nancy's, and I won't. Onward and upward we go and the amount of vocal naysayers grow. If they were right...I wouldn't be where I am today  and if they didn't exist, that would mean I wasn't doing anything noteworthy and THAT would be a bad thing. I'll take my success with a side of haters please, extra salty 😉

With everything going on with me in 2018, the white noise is going to get louder. But I will remain positive, and so will you! ✌🏽 - how to shop my Instagram!

I gain new followers daily, so although some of you may be familiar with and the LTK App...quite a few are not! I'm often asked questions like "what lip color are you wearing?" "Where'd you get that top?" Or where can I find those shoes?"  It's all so simple my darlings! I make it that way for you so you will rarely have to can just like my picture, or screenshot my picture and shop the entire image IMMEDIATELY!  

I am able to do this through It's a program and app designed for top level bloggers to share their looks with their followers quickly, and it allows you the ability to shop and consume those looks at your leisure!  Let me break it down for you guys, step by step!  


First you're going to want to download the app. See above. It is FREE! Once you've downloaded and signed into the app, you'll be able to screenshot and shop ALL of my looks. Super simple. Say you screenshot this image..: 



Moments later, you will find it on the main page of your app, and you'll be able to click on individual items below the photo to shop them. So if you're just after these Alice + Olivia pumps, no sweat! Just click on them and you'll be taken to the place I got them from, you'll be able to shop just like any online shopping experience! And yes, you can return items that don't fit. It's literally just like shopping at Nordstrom or any of your other fave stores...because YOU ARE shopping there! You're just getting directly to the items you're looking for by way of my image. Make sense? Let's try... 


First I find a photo that I want to shop... 


Notice the app lets me know RIGHT AWAY when the image is ready to shop! So I head on over to the app now... 


I find the image all broken down. Dress, jewelry, bags, shoes etc. I decide I want to buy this shell necklace, so I click on it below... 


This takes me to Anthropologie (where, surprise! I bought this jewelry). And check that out! It's even on sale! 😍 I decide I'd like a necklace like this so... 


I add it to my shopping cart as usual and I proceed to checkout just like I would normally. 


See! It's your normal shopping experience, I'm just getting you to the products you want immediately instead of you having to guess and then sift through all of these items you don't want! It's streamlined and awesome and it's how I shop ALL OF THE TIME.  It's like having a personal stylist working for you, without having the pay them!  

Now, let's say you're not into apps. No problem! Just go to the website (it's just like above. No dotcom, it's dotIT) sign up with your email and then every time you "like" one of my pictures on IG those shopping breakdowns will be emailed to you instead of sent to an app. You can shop them just like I showed you above, except it will be from an email.  


Isnt that awesomely easy?? I hope you think so. Go try it. Let me know if you have any troubles at all. I'm happy to help guide you guys further. Trust me, this has changed shopping for me and it's gonna change it for you too...I promise!!! 

Sephora Glam Sesh

I'm a VIB Rouge at Sephora. That means, I spend way too much money there, in a nutshell. It's the top tier of their rewards program...meaning it comes with perks!

Yes, you get discounts that are exclusive to you, free shipping on online orders, free brushes BUT the single BESTEST thing (to me) Glam sessions! If you're like me and get glammed a lot, that's a perk. I spend almost as much money getting glammed as I do on make up. Free is free guys. 

Of course I wondered about the quality of the Sephora glam. I'm used to working with TV make up pros so my expectations were HIGH...what if it didn't meet my expectations? Well, I HAD to try. So I booked make up at Sephora for my BFF's wedding up in Michigan this past weekend. Dangerous move. I had only ONE HOUR to get done by a person I've never met and make up isn't easy to do. Not even kind of. It was a risk, but I was willing to use that perk and see where it got me.  

I arrived at Sephora in Troy, MI RIGHT on time. I was coming from my hair appt that in my opinion took about 10 min too long. I was anxious to get done and be on time so my bestie wouldn't kill me. She's tough. Murder isn't out of her wheelhouse. It was important.  

They started me 10 min late. I was ready to smack someone and panic. But then came a cool, calm and collected young lady named Norma to do my make up. She listened as I frustratedly barked orders at her about what I needed and how quickly I needed it. She gathered supplies and dillegently got to work. 30 min later, YES, 30 min later...I was perfectly contoured, highlighted, had a perfect lip color, a gorgeous smokey eye and lashes ON. I didn't even have to have her change a single thing. She listened, she focused and she executed like no other. And was FREE. 


I'm blown away by the Sephora beauty studio. Mind you, Norma doesn't work at every Sephora nationwide, but she is a testament to the kind of talent that you can find at the Sephora beauty studio. Quality awesomeness! I won't hesitate to book the beauty studio for shoots going forward, definitely booking them for my upcoming wedding anniversary! My only complaint is that you can't tip your makeup artist. I would have totally tipped Norma...girl deserved a medal!!!  I encourage you to try them out if you're a Rouge. If not, you can have makeup done at the beauty studio with amy $50 purchase, which is still in many cases cheaper than going to a salon or hiring someone to come to you! 


Have any of you ever had makeup done at Sephora or MAC? Share your experience below! 


Fashionably Late

Last week was my worst nightmare. I was on my way to a media interview and the garage wouldn't open. My car was inside. I tried it a million times. No budge. I've never had to manually open a garage before so luckily I was able to figure it out within 10 min. Still on time (I always leave early anyway). So I was going to be RIGHT on time.


But then I got in the car and the address I had been given didn't show up on my gps! 😏 So...I guessed. In Atlanta, this is a mistake. Because there are a million streets called "Peachtree someting or another". I picked the wrong Peachtree and went to Buckhead, when I should have gone downtown. I was able to sort this, but by the time I parked and went through security to get to the suite I was going to I was 20 MINUTES LATE!!! 


Where I grew up,  this sort of thing is unacceptable but when I arrived to my meeting they were as nice and chipper as ever! They didn't mind at all that I was super late, they were just happy to see me! Mind you, I was going to the cities number one fashion publication, I was mortified by my gratuitous tardiness 😬   


Maybe I was just "fashionably late"? I don't usually subscribe to this theory. If you're not 5 min early in my experience, you're late, but in big cities like Atlanta, LA and Miami...people seem much less phased. Maybe it's just the culture. Maybe it's a grace period and understanding of the traffic that plagues these busy cities? Maybe it's the fashion industry. Maybe it's just principal? Honestly guys, I don't know the answer. People are just always late in big cities.  


However, despite my recent findings, I'll continue to stick to my gut and plan to be early out of respect for others and respect for my upbringing. 5 min early is always on time for me...what about you guys? Are you fashionably late, right on time or always early?


I decided to use this set of photos because of the movement of this beautiful Show Me Your Mumu maxi. It looks like I'm on a mad dash in many of these photos and felt appropriate 😂 You can shop it on my IG via! Hope everyone's weeks are off to a good (timely) start!  


Photos by Kelly Lane Photography  

The Dots

We talk a lot about current fashion trends but we don't talk much about my in-ring fashion and what it all means. When I first started wrestling my name was "Eden". I'm traditionally an over prepared person, so before I had my first match I had plenty of gear made and ready to go in the case I got called to wrestle on the fly. Back then, Dusty was one of the head trainers at FCW in Tampa. The creative direction for "Eden" was significantly similar to the story of Eve in the Garden of Eden. A temptress who listened to the serpent, eating and sharing the forbidden fruits with Adam, bringing paradise to an end. I'm a huge fan of the Biblical story, and I wanted snakes on my gear to represent that.  And that's the story! I continue to wear the gear because it was a cool idea, it's beautifully made, and it feels like me. No slight to any other companies I've worked for in past, just creativity that is part of the path to me continuing on this path in wrestling. Sorry, there isn't "juicy dirt". You can find plenty of that elsewhere! 


Now recently, I decided to mix my snakes with Dusty Rhodes' signature black and yellow polka dots. I was worried about doing this. Others have done tributes to my father in law and as well intended as they may have seemed, it's never really been well received, except when Stardust did at Wrestlemania. However, it was on my heart to do this for some time, and bearing the Rhodes name I figured I would take my chance and hope that it meant something. I knew it meant a lot to my husband and myself, that was going to have to be enough. 


I have never ever recieved so much positive energy towards anything I've ever worn in my entire life. Fashion is a passion of mine, for sure.  But the dots make people feel good. They make people remember. They start conversations and encourage fans to tell me their favorite Dusty stories and moments. It's really surreal and it helps people come together and enjoy themselves that much more. That said, don't worry, the dots aren't going away. I will definitely bring them back from time to time to help people feel good and to remember. Also, I feel like I should state this because, well hell, somebody's got to. Just because I'm black, doesn't make me in polka dots a Sapphire reference.  She was amazing and I enjoyed her and Dusty immensely. But Cody and I are never trying to be this. Cody is Dusty's son and I never had the pleasure of meeting sweet Sapphire. I would consider it disrespectful to her family to try and "represent" her.  That's their right and their lineage, certainly not mine. 


Side note, last night I had the pleasure of meeting Tully Blanchard for the first time. I was wearing my dots and I got the chance to tell him how awesome the roll of quarters match was with him and Dusty, as I had literally watched it just the night before. That had little to do with fashion, it was just a very cool moment.  



Parisienne Summer

Its been a while since I've been in the beautiful, fashion-forward city of love and lights. Paris. One of my absolute FAVORITE cities to explore! The shopping, the food, the museums, the ambiance...the shopping! 

When I found this beauitful striped, off-the-shoulder summer dress I knew I had to have it. It reminds me of all things Parisian. Black and white stripes are signature. The bare shoulders and body hugging fit of the dress provide a little sexiness and mystery. I'm obsessed with any type of ruffle this summer and this dress doesn't skip out on that charm either! It is both sexy and comfortable, making it perfect for an evening out on the town, quite like Paris! 

 I paired the look with these adorable black satin Chanel pumps with bows on the toes for that added bit of flair and luxury, and of course my new Louis Vuitton Double V handbag, which is almost sold out worldwide, by the way. If you're in love with it, you better score one soon or forever hold your peace!  

When you have a dress that is a bit understated, it's a great opportunity for some of your luxury pieces to shine! Hence the double dose of Louis and Chanel. It's such an easy and breezy piece that it can hold its own with both high end staples as anchors!  

The only thing missing from this look is a clever hat. A nice straw summer hat would be very nice with this look! A raspberry beret perhaps? Or a dangling earring! What would you add to this look to make it your own?

If you guys haven't yet, please make sure to download the app and shop my Instagram! You can shop simply by screen shotting posts to my page or even my Instagram stories! The app loads all of the details for your own personalized experience making it VERY easy for you to shop or browse my looks at your leisure. It's how I do A LOT of my shopping! It's so easy and fun to use I cannot express that enough! So go get it now and leave me a comment letting me know how you like the app!  



Coming Up Roses

Everyone likes roses, right? They've become an international love statement and now they are very much becoming a fashion statement. Roses are found everywhere from our denim to our shoes and in this case, roses and velvet are making quite the impression as an unlikely, but unforgettable duo.  


I'm new to the bodysuit scene. Discovering how easy a bodysuit can make your life is priceless. Especially a well fitting bodysuit that can match with ANYTHING! Pants, skirts, shorts, leggings, denim. Those are my kind of bodysuit! This beautiful, wine-colored, velvet one piece can go with so many options. In this case, I've got it paired with a favorite pair of charcoal distressed jeans, but I've worn it with just about everything. It's unique velvet texture and rose appliqués allow it to dress outfits up playfully, like destroyed denim or short shorts.


I had to go the extra mile when I found these gorgeous booties too! An exact match to the bodysuit, except in their champagne color which I actually find to be absolutely complimentary to the wine. (Who says champagne and wine don't go together? Please. They're cousins!)  


This entire look is matchy, but not over the top, and honestly just fun. I love the low neckline of the suit, the low-riding waistline of the jean and the lace-up fashion of the bootie. Apart from each other, the pieces in this outfit could be pretty bland, but together it's a funky, creative sort of harmony! And the colors will take you right into fall where berries and champagnes live on for quite some time. Of course you'll want to throw a jacket on at that time! Maybe a bomber with rose accents? Too much? Not enough? You tell me.  


This Louis Vuitton Double V bag would be a fit here in either color (it also comes in a light pink shade that is to die for). But act quickly on the Double V. As I've said before, she's nearly sold out worldwide! She's an unforgettable and dreamy little staple.  


What other stand out pieces do you have with rose accents? Are you a flower power child of summer too? Leave it in the comments, and hey, shop this look on my Instagram anytime 🌹  


Adults Do Disney

My husband and I have been talking about taking a Disney (World) only trip for over a year now. As Universal people, this would mean visiting only Disney parks and attractions, staying at a Disney Resort and not cheating our way over to the comforts of Universal at all. Finally the schedule opened up for both of us at the same time. I booked us plane tickets and we were on our way. 

Animal Kingdom Lodge was our home of choice throughout the visit because of my undying love of animals and my fondness for giraffes...which I saw outside of my window EVERY single day. I even named one Jeffrey, or maybe it's spelled Geoffrey...I don't know! My biggest concern with staying at a Disney hotel was that it wouldn't be adult friendly. Boy was I wrong! Animal Kingdom Lodge is very adult friendly, from its upscale dining options like "Jiko" to its lobby bar serving all sorts of great libations until midnight. The gift shop was also well equipped with adult bevies and cigars! They know what we adult types like there. :) I was also pleased to learn that the gym was open 24/7 (we still have to work out on vacation 😣) so having that access at all times was so important to us. The pool having a great bar was another plus...just stay at least 6 feet back from the water while indulging to keep the lifeguards happy! 

With the help of some great friends on the staff we were able to enjoy Club Level access which allowed us to get drinks anytime we wanted just by stopping by with our magic bands...and the magic bands alone might just be the most exciting things about Disney. They work at all of the parks, hotels and attractions. Leave your wallets at home! You can charge EVERYTHING to your magic band, you can load your tickets and fast passes on them and you can even open your room door with them. It's such a simple and streamlined system. Our magic bands never failed us. Not even once!  

My favorite park of course was Hollywood Studios, home to one of my favorite rides, the Tower of Terror (see my Twitter for our unique ride experience, which was also purchased with, you guessed it, my magic band).  I like to ride in the front on coasters, so if you followed by IG story that day you saw that I made an awesome friend on Rockin' Roller Coaster rand scored fast passes for the entire day INCLUDING THE NEW PANDORA RIDES! I was like a kid in the candy store being able to ride all of the rides I wanted to without some of those lengthy waits! Super fortunate and grateful for that! 

So yes, absolutely, we hopped over to Animal Kingdom next and got right on Flight of Passage which is SO awesome. It's a unique experience that's difficult to explain. Think Star Tours mixed with Soarin' but uniquely different in its own way.  

My Magic Kingdom highlights were the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a really fun little coaster and of course my dining experience at Be Our Guest Restaurant. First of all, they were on time with reservations which is a HUGE plus because of how darn busy that place is. It's the only place in the park (currently) to score alcohol and it did not disappoint with its extensive beer and wine list. AND the Beast was awesome. He's larger than life, charismatic and an all around great host. He is so formal that you kind of feel bad to have shown up to see him so casually dressed! Next time I'm changing before dinner, ha! And OH MY GOSH...the Grey truly is delicious! Leave room for dessert,  it's a must! 

Epcot is always a fave of mine. Cody and I always attempt to "Drink Around the World" and guys, I never make it. I don't think it's possible. But it's always definitely fun to try! The restaurant in Morrocco is delicious. Give that a try if you can! The lamb sliders were legit! 

My last stop on the Adult trip was Disney Springs. An absolute gem. Free parking. Luxurious shopping and fine dining. Live music everywhere and great bars. We stowed away at the Hangar Bar and did the most haha. Great drinks, fun atmosphere. Not much more you can ask for.  

I was very pleased with the kindness levels of staff at Disney. Everyone is very accommodating, and I know not everyone is in the public eye that reads my blog, but those that are really understand and appreciate how great it is to be treated nicely when someone recognizes you. Not once were we made a spectacle of, or made to feel uncomfortable being approached. We were treated professionally and like friends, which was very cool.  

Needless to say we will be back for another Adult All Disney Trip soon, and I can wait to see what other unique experiences come our way in the future. Toy Story Land and Galaxy's Edge are top on my list to try the second they are up and running.  




A Marriage Well Traveled


Cody and I are the ultimate jet setters. We have traveled all over the globe and being pretty young and without children, we are nowhere near finished traveling. I doubt we will ever stop. Something that gets in your blood like this is hard to put down. In fact, I find that if I am home for too long I start feeling a bit depressed. Travel for me is somewhat a necessity.  

So what happens when travel takes you in different directions most of the time? Cody's primary work is wrestling. Wrestling is one of many travel related things I do. We usually aren't on the same page workwise, which is important. We have different goals and different dreams. As a true 2017 couple, we are both allowing each other to chase our dreams. I'm very glad we have a relationship that allows both parties to dream chase. The older I get, the more of a rarity it seems to be that one partner is not having to make major sacrifices. I'm fortunate for that and grateful.  

This morning I had a 4am wake up call to travel from Vancouver back to LA.  Cody had gone to set the night before at 5pm, and was prepared to shoot until about 5am the next day and go straight to the airport. I did not expect to see him until after the weekend. At about 3am my heart leapt into my throat as I heard someone playing with the door handle to my hotel room. I got up and looked in the peep hole. It was my husband. With all of his bags. He could have stayed in his trailer on set and slept, which would have been MUCH easier for him. Or he could come back to the room, sacrifice sleep and see his wife again...just for an hour. He made the right call. I would have done the same.  

When you have crazy schedules making time like this is so important. Cody always says "if you know it's a stress, then it's not a stress". We know that a lot of times our travel schedules are going to be stressful. But we got the memo, and the heads up, there's no reason to have a meltdown. Instead, embrace it and make the most of it.  

If I know I'm not going to get any sleep, I may as well have fun with my husband. This isn't irresponsible, it's the exact opposite. Irresponsibility would be ignoring my primary commitment, my marriage, for the sake of my career. Of course there are times when it's not possible to see each other, he's in Japan and I'm in Canada...well there's no way to make that work. But, thats why I come with him if I've nothing pressing going on, and via versa. I came to Vancouver for a few days, because I knew I had the time to carve out. In a few weeks I will not have that time and luxury as I begin filming for another project myself. By that time, Cody should have some time off and he can come be with me while I'm working. 

This has been a particularly busy month. Usually, we only spend a couple of days apart, but there are months when we spend a week or two apart. But it never changes. When you care you make time. FaceTime, phone calls, texts, love notes. All great ways to keep relationships fresh and fun when you're absent from one another.  

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. That is true. In situations I see husbands and wives take each other for granted, but then when one of them has to take a trip without the other, they panic. After the long weekend apart they are usually jumping at the chance to see one another again. That's our life pretty regularly (not the taking each other for granted part, we do get on each other's nerves sometimes, but they are few and far in between, and always short lived). But the excitement of seeing each other again after every time we spend apart. It's almost electric. Would I rather have my husband around all of the time? Sure! And I'm sure he'd say the same about me. But I want him to live out his dreams. That's the thrilling entertainment lifestyle. You go where the work calls your name and wherever else the wind blows. Wouldn't change it for anything. At least not right now 😊 

Why Women?!

Women. Mysterious creatures we are. We work hard and fight for equality and claim to be a tightly bonded group, however, every time I turn around I seem to witness women stabbing each other in the back for one reason or another. It makes me go "hmmmm". And it also heavily annoys me. But why is this a thing? Why as women do we break our own good vibes as a group to cut each other down and sling mud around? Why do we campaign for equality but not treat our sisters as equals? Why do we want "all women" to succeed, except for Tabitha and Becky...because they don't deserve it. What? Who?! Come on! Why??? I don't know the answer, but let's explore and discuss.  

So...story time. Did you guys know that it used to be customary in wrestling for veteran female talent to "haze" incoming newbies? And not in a "join the sorority" kind of way, in a "we hate you and hope you die" kind of way. When I first got to WWE I got called up to the main roster in about 3 weeks time. That's REALLY fast. I was warned by the male talent to beware of "girl 1, girl 2, girl 3, girl 4 and girl 5" - aren't I sweet, changing names to protect the guilty? 😉 Turns out the guys were right though. The second I hit the scene those girls hated my guts. They "told talent relations on me" for various reasons. They threw my gear bag in the hall just to be mean and they talked so much crap behind my back they could have fertilized a football field. Why? Probably to try and get me to leave because my quick move up meant I was a threat, and no one wanted to give up their spot. Or because a new girl always turns the heads of the male locker room. Luckily I turned my husbands head and didn't have to deal with much mess after that. But to this day I look back and laugh about how mean and petty some women were instead of just being nice.

They say it takes more muscles to frown than to smile, right? Maybe that's why I haven't had to get any Botox yet 😂 I've made it a point to always be welcoming of new people. I'm not the longest running vet but I have been around awhile. People like Nattie were big enough to be very nice to me when I came in. That's why we are still friends to this day. I try to be that kind of woman. Good attracts good. So why not spread goodness? Happy people work well together. Working well means good and safe matches. Sounds easy! 

Of course, this doesn't just apply to the wrestling world. Little girls have been mean to other little girls since grade school. That's where it starts.  

Side bar, another story time: one of my earliest memories is me at my very first ice skating show, age 4. Sitting pretty in my little dance outfit, excited to perform....maybe I should mention I was the only dark skinned baby in the bunch. Cut to, a little girl walks up to me and says "my mommy said I'm prettier than you because I'm white and you're black". Yeah. That wasn't a drill. Nor was it a movie. Kids are mean. And where did she get that from? Her racist ass mom. Not sisterly.

Back on track...  so in grade school, kids are saying things like that. In high school, girls are making fun of other girls outfits and gossiping about them to people who are "more popular." In college...I dunno I didn't pay attention to anyone in college I just wanted to GRADUATE. But I'm sure it happened there too in sororities or something. OH WAIT NO! I have a college story! A girl got mad at me because my boyfriends brother didn't like her. Long story short, she was jealous. She threw a beer at me. We got in a fight...and I kicked her ass. Of course I did, I'm Brandi. I don't start fights, but I can finish them. 

The work place.  I've had women complain about my boobs being too big in the newsroom. Ha, that's real. But when does it end? Are we going to be in the nursing home carrying on like this? If so, sign me up and give me access to unlimited popcorn...KIDDING. But seriously, why do we do this? Don't we have it hard enough with men constantly comparing us and treating us as if we are we have to prove them right? By constantly not getting along and backstabbing and talking crap about each other to MEN?!  

Why? Shouldn't we be building each other up? Supporting each other's endeavors? Providing listening ears and leaning on one another? Cause that's what sisterhood is. Not this other stuff.  

Start with yourself. Support your friends, try to understand your enemies. A little bit goes a long way. And at the least, don't indulge in the gossip column. It just makes everyone look bad at the end of the day. What do you gals think? Any stories to share? Would love to hear. And would love to hear ways in which you personally are working towards being a better sister.

Me? I'm trying not to hold least not for as long 😊 Holding grudges holds you back. (I'm just gonna keep telling myself that...I am starting to believe it! Starting to let go of some things to make room for the many blessings that are coming my way). So...who's with me?