Staying Fit over the Holidays


I’ll be honest with you guys, ok? Really, really honest. I would be eating my weight in gold right now if I didn’t have two upcoming fitness shoots and a bunch of matches over the next week. Having to wear spandex on the regular does something to scares you straight! LOL. My favorite thing about the holidays is pretty much the food. From Thanksgiving all the way to New Years is a free for all for many of us. And it’s where many of us get set back. Come Jan 2, we step on the scale of doom and face our fate. But we knew it wasn’t going to be good, since we started noticing a little extra booty jiggle right around Christmas Eve, and not the cute kind 😳.


So how do we not fall into those ways? Today I’m sharing things I personally do, and use, to help keep myself from falling completely off the health wagon over the holidays.  


I try to have a goal in mind to look forward to. That can be a weekly cheat meal, or perhaps an upcoming trip that you want to let loose a bit on! When you know you’re working toward a goal, you’re less likely to have little “cheats” along the way. Or big ones!  


Have an accountability buddy, that will legit smack your hand away from the cupcakes at the Christmas party. Seriously! My husband and I are accountable to each other since our end goals are usually similar.  You cannot be sensitive when your accountability buddy actually holds you accountable though!   It’s not fair to ask someone to help you stay on track, and then cut their head off the moment they do! Truly it’s in our best interest and meant with love. Remember that before you start turning green, Bruce Banner. 


Next, I keep healthy food in abundance in the house. I like prepped meals, so I always keep my favorites on hand. Aside from that, low calorie protein shakes and bars are always in my house as well as a few healthy snacks. Fruits and veggies are always a good idea too! I like to snack, so having something I can reach for when I start starving, that’s not a cookie, is always a good idea!  


Finally, find out what kind of exercise regime you can get excited about, get on board with it, and stay with it! No matter what! I have one rest day a week. And honestly, I feel weird taking a rest day. That’s how into my workouts I am. I’ve figured out a routine that keeps me excited and challenged and it really goes a long way! Once a workout becomes boring or monotonous, it’s time for a change! I recommend checking out some fitness trainers on instagram! I get a LOT of inspiration from popular IG accounts, and I’ve even downloaded apps and work outs from these trainers! Not a bad way to switch things up and keep your body guessing and challenged! 


If all all else fails, wear more spandex 😂 Trust me, it’ll scare you right away from that dessert table! As usual, you can shop the looks above right here! Buying new fitness clothing is also another great way to feel excited about your workouts! It’s true! So get to shopping! 


Champion For All

My church has been talking about heroes for the past few weeks. What heroes often look like.  Underdogs. Superheroes etc. But today I'm going to talk about the sports hero. The common man, for those who understand.  

Last night I watched in the upper balcony as my husband realized his childhood dream and beat the odds by becoming a World Heavyweight Champion. Something that's been 11 years in the making, it's been a very hard road to get there. He's heard every excuse in the book as to why he wasn't "Champion material" from his build, to the astounding measure of his father's shadow. He persevered and he succeeded and I'm happy as a clam for him. So happy that I fell down a set of stairs racing to get to him last night. My ankle...well, let's not talk about it. He's the one with stitches in his lip. I'll stay on track. 

Champions and heroes go hand in hand to me. The champion sets the tone for whatever sport he is successful in. In wrestling, new champions set the tone for the locker room. Whenever a title changes in this business, the peers gather to offer their respect and hear the Champion speak to them for the first time. I've been in wrestling for 5 years now. I have heard many speeches from champions in this time period. My husband's surprised me and inspired me to write this, here's how. When he got to the end of the speech he said "I've sat through many promo classes which taught me that you have to finish (these speeches) strong. But I want to finish by saying that tonight is my wife's birthday. She chose to be here, ROH brought her here and I'm thankful. So I want everyone to join me in singing her "happy birthday".  Everyone did.  

It's not about the song. It's about the champion. Someone who in his long awaited moment of glory, with the lights down and no cameras in sight, just decided to uplift his wife. How uncharacteristic. How uncharacteristic these days for a man to make his win about his wife. But shouldn't that be a characteristic we accept...and celebrate? 

It has become too common place that our heroes, our children's heroes have these dark sides. They have families but don't behave as family men. They allow power to supersede the example. They fall short everywhere except in the sport at which they excel and we accept that. Our sons accept that. Our daughters accept that. My husband gives us reason not to accept that, but to expect and demand more. He is not a perfect man, but he's a man that chooses to share in his successes, not keep them all for himself. He's a man that respects women, from his wife to his mother, to his peers, coworkers and fans. He's a man who puts his morals and marriage first. A man who doesn't allow circumstances to change who he is at the core. My husband knows that setting a good example is hard, but he still wholeheartedly tries because he is a good person. He's a man who shed tears last night winning his first championship, just like one of the greatest heroes of all time, Jesus. That man openly wept, a thing we tell our sons it's not okay to do anymore, stripping them of their own emotions. And we wonder why men become too hardened and cold against us women, well maybe we should pay attention as well.

That is a champion. That is a hero. That is what I want my son or daughter to look to. Not a philanderer. Not a womanizer. Not an alcohol or substance abuser and certainly not a megalomaniac or sociopath. A man who works hard and loves hard. Like the man who raised me up in my childhood home. It's also great to see my husband standing alongside of moral men, I'll single out the Young Bucks here because they are Bullet Club (4444 life) but there are so many great moral worthy men in wrestling and sports in general. In entertainment...the Colin Donnells. The Stephen Amells.  Super heroes and real life heroes.  These men are exemplary. Hard workers. Trail Blazers. Husbands. Fathers. Role models. Celebrate them! 

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged my husband along the way to be such a great human being and a hard worker. Isn't it great to have moments in this world where good things happen and we lift each other up and enjoy the moments? I sure think so. This is a great time for our little family unit. We are greatful and so happy. Expect a lot from heroes and champions. Make them accountable for the positions that they hold. God bless the American Nightmare, by way of the American Dream.