Fall is my FAVORITE time of year to decorate the house. Christmas is a close second, but I just love the colors of fall. They are so gorgeous and offer up so many options when it comes to choosing your decor! 

For the outside of the house, I wanted to really showcase the colors of fall, especially with our red door. So I played up the brilliance with a very colorful wreath, pumpkins and Indian corn. I kept the welcome mat basic this year with Autumn leaves so it would work with any decor I chose, and I love it!  


For the dining room, I decided that I wanted a more contemporary and dazzling look! So I chose to work with a combination of silver and gold with basic white. And yes, a hint of glitter indeed. I'm a show gal. I like my sparkle πŸ˜‰.  Mixing silver and gold in moderation can truly be a beautiful thing. You just have to know when to stop! I let silver lead this duo. Gold was my secondary color and very subtle. Now, I feel silver and gold can also be a bit gaudy.  And I definitely didn't want to be too extravagant. So I left some traditional elements in there, like the oak leaves and the wooden napkin holders.  


Its so so nice to have decorations complete! And now here's the kicker, NO ONE is coming over to enjoy them 😫  We are heading up north to visit family for the holiday, so the look is just for me and my husband to enjoy this time. I'm totally okay with that! Hey, at least we took these fab pics! πŸ˜‚ 

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