HHN 27 - 7 years for me!

This is my 7th year attending Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando. I can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday Cody and I were on one of our first dates there 😍.  Now we've been married 4 years and become total regulars. We get to hang out with our pal Creative Director Mike Aiello all night, and we are showing our pals Matt and Chelsea the ropes. Gosh we are old pros! Anyway, this year was none short of fantastic. The scares were fantastic, even the houses I had NO expectations for, in fact, my top three will surprise you! Don't worry, no spoilers here. Just telling you my top three houses and how they made me feel! 


3. American Horror Story

Upon a revisit, this one could very well move up. It was our first house of the night and I spent most of it trying to decide if Chelsea was having fun, or if she was gonna rip my arm out of its socket and I was going to have to go to the hospital 😂.  She was having fun! Anywho it features Asylum, Coven and Roanoke and does an excellent job making you feel like you're in each one. Characters are very well represented and the scares are frequently and fun. Highly recommend resisting the temptation to do this one first. It's very good. Make yourself wait.  


2. Blumhouse

I had high expectations for this one as a big fan of Sinister and Insidious. It delivered on all levels. One of my issues is I confuse those two movies often. I wasn't confused at all in this house, everything was perfectly sorted.  And the two being separated by Purge really helped me discern between them. The scares were really packed on. I found myself getting double and triple scared in some rooms, which I absolutely love, it's kind of the only way to get me, and they got me. Good. Multiple times. Loved it. 


1. The Hive

This house wasn't even on my radar. It's about a hive of blood thirsty vampires, which I wasn't sure how you do that differently, oh but they did! This house impressed and scared me the most. It's very well thought out and intense. I can't say too much, otherwise I'll give too much away but I could do that house a thousand times and still get scared. Let that be my summary.  


This year, there was no house that left me longing for more, with nine houses, that is so hard to do and they killed it once again. I'm currently looking for time to go back and hopefully indulge in a daytime behind the scenes tour of some of the houses. It was SO good. And there are so many things I'm curious about! ESPECIALLY some of the effects in the Fallen...another fantastic house you MUST do. 

The Trick or Treat scare zone was a favorite in our group. We went through it a couple of times. Once at dusk and once at nightfall. Completely different looks day vs night. I recommend going through a couple of times!  

Also of course, bittersweet, the final Bill & Ted's 😭 It was amazing, and YES, there's a wrestling reference, actually a fun one, not a watered down overdone one. You'll enjoy it 😉 Those actors and dancers do an incredible job. I'm sad they are replacing it. Whatever comes next will have its work cut out FOR SURE!  


Overall, 27 has been one of my favorite years by far. Truly hope I get to go back this year and scream my voice away once again! Have you gone yet? If so comment with your favorite houses. If you haven't gone, but are planning to, let me know which houses you're most looking forward to!