Loew's Sapphire Falls Hotel- Orlando Resort


It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of theme parks.   However, I'm almost as big of a fan of the resort hotels associate with most parks, as I am the actual park experiences. This has been my second time staying at Loew's Sapphire Falls Resort, at Universal Studios. I've had the pleasure of being a guest two years in a row now for Halloween Horror Nights. So in turn, I'm treating you guys to a look inside of one of the one bedroom suites that we have recently stayed in. 


The theme of this hotel is Carribbean Luxury, and that is just what you get. The bold blue colors and intricate tile patterns are signature throughout the hotel, and also in the rooms. The wide open spaces offer an ideal set up for entertaining. It's great to be in these rooms for multiple nights, because you can really spread out, and not feel a slight bit cluttered. These suites also offer full kitchens, which is great for stocking up. Even though the hotel has 3 fantastic restaurants and round the clock room service, sometimes it's just nice to have your own food and drink on hand! My husband and I bring our meal preps along and eat them, so that we don't go overboard in room service calories!  


One of my my favorite things about this hotel is how much they are into the Universal Themes and spirit. Currently, its Halloween, so they offer a special Halloween Horror Nights Inspired, late night food menu that's pretty cute. And of course these complimentary scary chocolate covered strawberries are plenty of fun as well!  


Certain resorts offer transportstion to and from the parks via a ferry ride. Thankfully, Sapphire Falls is one of them! This is so much more convenient than trying to Uber or arrange your own transportation. You just hop on the boat and sail right over. It's drama free, and the boats are never jam packed. The drop point is the closest you can get to the park, transportation-wise.  Save your walking for the park itself!  


We were lucky to be treated to a relaxing day by the pool with a private cabana,  and I'm telling you, it was so lovely! They offer waitstaff for both kitchen and bar service, towel service and of course unlimited access to the sun and the pools! There's a water slide for kiddies and a sprawling jacuzzi for adults. It was so relaxing, I actually fell asleep for a good hour in the cabana under the fan watching the football game on our flat screen TV! An excellent way to spend the day. Cocktails, poolside, great food, naps and football all in one spot! πŸ˜‰


Customer service is always top tier at these resorts. No matter what, the staff is always kind and happy. They will trouble shoot any issue and help you out with anything that they can. Every member of thestaff seems to enjoy being there and working there. I've noticed this across the board with every Loew's hotel I've stayed at. People are helpful and pleasant, and this is one of the reasons that I'm so fond of this hotel chain. They are definitely leaders in luxury!  


Any favorite hotels/resorts to share? Share them here! 😊