Hydra Facial - Holy AWESOME!

My skin has had a little trouble adjusting to the Atlanta weather. My pores were feeling SUPER clogged and I was plagued with annoying breakouts. I tried everything I could think of the remedy it and I just couldn't get it back under control. 

I was at my spa and saw an ad for a Hydra Facial. It promised to unclog my pores and flood my skin with antioxidants and just completely hit the reset button.  

Well at $150 for the basic, and $225 for the extended, I figured it had better work some kind of miracle! And boy did it!

I chose the basic just to see how my skin reacted and let me say, next time I will be going for the extended version. Oh LAWD girls! It did exactly what it promised. I left feeling like my skin had come out of the desert and been treated to an ice cold spring! For hours after the Facial I felt rehydrated and smooth. 

Later that evening I was able to wear make up for an event I attended without any agitation or aggravation and the hydrating effects lasted throughout the week. I am eagerly awaiting my next hydra Facial, which will include red light laser therapy (to assist with dark spots) and a hydrating mask.  

My face is spoiled now ladies. But it's worth investing in its health to see these kinds of results!