The Cream Always Rises


I think I’m a good person. I think most of us think we are good people. We aren’t on drugs, we pay our bills, we treat others with respect and kindness and we focus on having friendly dispositions. These are some things I use to define my “goodness” I don’t know what you use. But we go along in life following these “measurements” and working out hardest. However, we run into these obstacles. Yet, Sally, who works across the way from us. Who’s been working here a shorter time, is late 4 out of 5 days a week, calls in sick when she’s clearly not, and has been written up a time or two...SALLY gets the damned promotion that WE were owed! We earned it, right? We deserve more responsibility, more money, more...RESPECT! 


Dont you hate it when people tell you life’s not fair? I can’t stand it. What a crock! How is that an answer? Well, shamefully it is. But you know what else is an answer? The cream always rises.  


You know what that means for us good guys? We get to live to fight another day and we don’t have to take no for an answer. Because we are good. Because values count for something. Because not everything is right here right now. Some things are worth more. WE are worth more. So how do we ensure that the cream rises? Well, sometimes we have to get really real, and that does NOT take away from your cream crown.  


Sometimes, you have to tell a mother lover OFF. Keep your crown on while you do this.  But the next time Sally gets promoted before you...learn to SAY NO.  “Hey Brandi, Sally can’t do XYZ today can you?”  “No I can’t. That’s not my responsibility though and I’m SURE Sally as the new Sr VP can figure out a way...after all she was the best candidate for the job!” Smile, blink, walk away. Adjust crown. People love to take advantage of us good folk. Learn the difference between appreciation and being taken for granted, and don’t allow it. 


Stay creamy. Don’t stoop to someone else’s level. If it’s beneath you to be catty don’t be catty. People will be disappointed when you won’t gossip, when you won’t throw someone else under the bus.  When you won’t lie to make a buck. But trust me, in the long run it will be worth more that you didn’t compromise your values to coincide with someone else’s agenda. Being true to yourself will pay off when you FINALLY align with likeminded people who understand your values and your vision.  


Learn to walk away. We live in a society where the amount of time you spend doing one thing is supposed to define you. I worked here for 10 years, I started a school program and I finished it. This is all great if you LOVE it. But if along the way you discover you don’t love it, and more importantly, you don’t love how you’re treated or are being kept from reaching your full potential: here’s the only phrase you need to master: “Thanks for the opportunity but I must move on”. SEE YA BYE!!!! If someone doesn’t recognize your worth, tell ‘em boy bye. (Or girl). Preferably after you’ve devised a plan of what you are going to do next to fill your soul AND pay your bills.  


I felt the need to write this after an eye opening evening of a lot of professional BS. Had to remind myself that I’m the cream and I don’t have time for anyone trying to pull me down while I’m getting my rise on. 💪🏾 Anybody feel me? Let me know in those comments y’all. 💛