The Perfect Shade of Coat


For as long as I can remember I’ve been looking for the perfect camel colored coat. Honestly, it’s been about 2 years. And I’m not one to splurge on coats, because I don’t have to wear them for as many months as some of you, but this year I figured it was time to get what I actually wanted!  


My Christmas gift to myself this year was this gorgeous Burberry coat. It’s the perfect shade of camel. It’s heavy enough to hold up in rougher winter weather, like when I travel to Colorado next month to ski. But it’s also still very chic, and can be worn to classy dinners and parties, and not look out of place. I think it was worth every penny and can see myself having this coat for a very long time.  


Now I realize, a thousand dollar coat is more than a splurge for some, it’s not on the menu at all. But there are plenty of beautiful camel coats to fit any budget (I would know, I’ve searched and searched!). So I’m linking those along with this Burberry Beauty here and on IG via the app! If you haven’t downloaded this app yet, get on it!  It’s the free way to shop your favorite fashion influencers looks via Instagram, including MOI! So download that app and screenshot any of my IG pics. They’ll go right into your app with shopping links and you can shop my looks direct from the stores I got them from. Every single piece, down to the earrings! It’s the day after Christmas, go spend those gift cards.  


Oh! And share with me what your favorite fashion piece was that you got for Christmas! Mine was this coat, and I’ll say my new Nikon camera (to take more fashion/blog pics with).  What were your faves?? Leave them in the comments!