Stepping Out

There's nothing like a great summer night out. When there's clear skies and a cool breeze blowing it's always going to be a good night!  The scene in Atlanta always allows you to take advantage and dress up a little too! Whether you're dining out in Buckhead or catching a movie out in Brookhaven, it's fun to get out and let your hair down just a little bit!  

Two of my favorite colors for a night out are always a bold red and a classic black, so I'm showcasing both of these sexy new looks today! 

Lets go red to begin! I LOVE this curve hugging dress! It's a good length so not too over the top sexy where you can't wear it for a work party, but the curves are highly accentuated for that bit of mystery. The off shoulder look is perfect for a hot summer night. It brings an heir of drama and offers up a unique style. Not your basic red dress.  We don't do basic over here. No ma'am! I paired this look with my favorite new pair of Christian Louboutins. Red bottoms with a cherry on top! I love a red bottom with a red dress. So chic! This look is also partnered with the summer "it girl" bag, not convenient if you're carrying small items, they will fall right out! But for a night on the town where you're carrying a lighter load, this is quite perfect! The beautiful thing about this dress is that you can accessorize it up heavily, like I choose to with a bold statement necklace, or you can go bare and it still looks lovely. 


Now on to the little black dress! I have so many black dresses, to add another to the collection it's gotta be unique and worth the space in my closet. This dress checks all of the boxes. The slits! The sleeves! The shoulders! THE DRAMA!!! Oh, I love this dress. Form fitting and flattering on the hips, a perfect neckline for a bold necklace (hello my friend, your transitioned from red to black without batting an eye you little minx!) I love that necklace, in case you haven't noticed, it's quite versatile! The sleeves on this dress are what you want to write home about. They are trendy, because everything right now is about the bell sleeve, BUT the slits in the sleeve make it unique. Everyone isn't wearing this dress honey, YOU ARE. And you're KILLING IT! I chose to pair it with a trusty pair of wedges and they work nicely but really, any heel will do! This dress plays well with others and it's a show stopper without needing sequins. Dress it up for a big event! Wear it as is for dinner. Sold!  



As always lovelies you can shop my looks via my IG! Sign up for and download the app. You can shop my looks by screen shorting my IG images OR by liking them and shopping details will be emailed right to you! Happy Shopping!  

Cupcake Wars

So...I love cupcakes. Cakes in general actually, but I'm particularly partial to the cupcake because it's single serving deliciousness. A long time ago, I used to write a food blog. I did cupcake wars back then where I featured some of my favorite local bakeries. Now that I'm back in Atlanta I feel it's fitting to do it again. I'm comparing my two faves here, but they aren't just locals, they are super successful chains, which means you can seek them out in places other than Atlanta and let me know what you think!

I've chosen to compare the OG Sprinkles and Georgetown Cupcake! Now everyone seems to know Sprinkles. They are the original cupcake boutique! They even have an ATM you can use to get cupcakes anytime, like a money ATM! Craziness. But what a concept. 

Now Georgetown has been featured on Food Network's Cupcake Wars and has really made a name for itself in recent years. It has a super posh spot in The Shops of Buckhead and it truely belongs! So how do the two match up? 

Location: Sprinkles, being in Lenox Mall is a bit more accessible, but Lenox is a busy Mall. Parking is almost always difficult and you always have at least a small line to deal with. Georgetown, while being in the swankier of locations is kind of difficult to find and find parking for. Both being in high traffic shopping areas, they are perfectly located for casual shoppers.  

Appearance: Sprinkles is bright and fun! I love the little candy decorations that are signature to the brand. Georgetown has a New York bakery appeal, with white walls and black lettering. It's a very sophisticated vibe, the fun is all in the cupcakes.  

Flavors: Sprinkles offers good variety and traditional flavors. The location in Atlanta is limited, and does not offer mini cupcakes, which is kind of a bummer. Georgetown has every flavor you can think of. Including unicorn? Unicorn! 🦄 both shops are big flavor for the taste buds. Nothing bland and nothing dry about them. The cakes are soft moist and delicious! Georgetown is a bit more generous with frosting, which makes it a bit tough to take graceful bites. Sprinkles cake to frosting ratio is a little more manageable. 

So...who actually wins? At the end of the day, I just love them both and cannot choose a winner. Both are the definition of what a cupcakery should be. They are the standard and they make damn good cakes on the regular. Putting smiles on faces is what it's about, and the thought of a Sprinkles or Georgetown Cupcake makes me grin from ear to ear 😊