Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS

I’m currently not doing the social media thing right now but when I finally caught up with the news I had to say something. I spent 5 years in South Florida. I was a marketing director that worked closely with schools. Stoneman Douglas was one of my schools. I remember it because it was a top school that we partnered with. Good students and teachers. Parents that cared. I visited many times. I even set up a successful function with them. I can’t believe that this was the school. It was a safe place. You would never think twice walking down those halls. My stomach turned violently when I put this together. This is the most terrifying thing I have ever allowed my mind to fully grasp. I sympathize with every parent out there that’s feeling this fear. It makes me not want to ever become a parent. I just couldn’t bare to let my child go if I was.