Sephora Glam Sesh

I'm a VIB Rouge at Sephora. That means, I spend way too much money there, in a nutshell. It's the top tier of their rewards program...meaning it comes with perks!

Yes, you get discounts that are exclusive to you, free shipping on online orders, free brushes BUT the single BESTEST thing (to me) Glam sessions! If you're like me and get glammed a lot, that's a perk. I spend almost as much money getting glammed as I do on make up. Free is free guys. 

Of course I wondered about the quality of the Sephora glam. I'm used to working with TV make up pros so my expectations were HIGH...what if it didn't meet my expectations? Well, I HAD to try. So I booked make up at Sephora for my BFF's wedding up in Michigan this past weekend. Dangerous move. I had only ONE HOUR to get done by a person I've never met and make up isn't easy to do. Not even kind of. It was a risk, but I was willing to use that perk and see where it got me.  

I arrived at Sephora in Troy, MI RIGHT on time. I was coming from my hair appt that in my opinion took about 10 min too long. I was anxious to get done and be on time so my bestie wouldn't kill me. She's tough. Murder isn't out of her wheelhouse. It was important.  

They started me 10 min late. I was ready to smack someone and panic. But then came a cool, calm and collected young lady named Norma to do my make up. She listened as I frustratedly barked orders at her about what I needed and how quickly I needed it. She gathered supplies and dillegently got to work. 30 min later, YES, 30 min later...I was perfectly contoured, highlighted, had a perfect lip color, a gorgeous smokey eye and lashes ON. I didn't even have to have her change a single thing. She listened, she focused and she executed like no other. And was FREE. 


I'm blown away by the Sephora beauty studio. Mind you, Norma doesn't work at every Sephora nationwide, but she is a testament to the kind of talent that you can find at the Sephora beauty studio. Quality awesomeness! I won't hesitate to book the beauty studio for shoots going forward, definitely booking them for my upcoming wedding anniversary! My only complaint is that you can't tip your makeup artist. I would have totally tipped Norma...girl deserved a medal!!!  I encourage you to try them out if you're a Rouge. If not, you can have makeup done at the beauty studio with amy $50 purchase, which is still in many cases cheaper than going to a salon or hiring someone to come to you! 


Have any of you ever had makeup done at Sephora or MAC? Share your experience below!