Clearly our country is on the fritz. Yelling at one another via social media channels doesn't seem to be getting us anywhere. Hmmm.  What to do? Who knows. In my case I chose to wear the message that I was hoping to convey in a destroyed tank top by one of my favorite t-shirt brands. It's more than a shirt. It's an affirmation of faith that these times will pass. That people will stop yelling at and criticizing one another for whatever reasons. And that we will find ourselves in a state of peaceful harmony at some point. It's just a shirt with one word on it, but the message is worth a thousand words. If you like this shirt and it's message, buy it today. Don't buy it when you get paid, throw it on the credit card and buy it today. It's not very expensive and it's an easy way to work towards a goal and not argue. Here's how you buy this shirt easily. Download this app called Go to my Instagram page and take a screen shot of the pic in which I'm wearing this shirt. Go back to your app. The picture will be in there now, click on the pic and shopping links will be right there for you. I've linked a few different places where you can find the shirt. Let's get to work guys! I want to see posts of you guys wearing it too and spreading this message. Make sure to tag me in those posts!