Racism Isn't New

Something terrible happens. The media jumps all over it and we are talking about racism again. Racism might exist when current events occur to you, but it exists everyday for me. That is because I'm black and a public person. This won't be a long heartfelt post about how we have to love each other and be better. This is a post to turn a lightbulb on for those who truly don't get it. Walk a half a mile. Shut your mouth, stop putting tweets together, and pay attention for 10 seconds.  Please.  

My husband tweeted a wedding photo today. It's one of my favorite pictures in the world. He tweeted it with a caption that he thought was hopeful and thoughtful. He tweeted it in connection with what is going on in our country today. For the most part it was well recieved as a message of hope as intended. In other cases...well just read.   



Now mind you. I didn't post or repost his message. However, I am tagged in the original photo by my husband, because I am in the photo. Is that deserving of all of these messages? And that's just the tip of the iceberg folks. I can't post a hundred messages here. But hopefully those are enough. Racism exists. It's not going to go away. Stop arguing about it on social media and just love your neighbor. Your black, gay, transgender or whatever is different than you, neighbor.  And if you can't do that, then just look in the mirror and let your hate out there. It's a reflection of you anyways, literally. That's my piece. And by the way...I left the twitter handles of these people on here on purpose. You know that employers pay attention to social medias right? And that even if you think you're annonymous, you really aren't, right? Yeah, I'm sure these people know all of this. So when they delete their profiles it won't be because they didn't know. It'll be because...they just felt like it.