Adults Do Disney

My husband and I have been talking about taking a Disney (World) only trip for over a year now. As Universal people, this would mean visiting only Disney parks and attractions, staying at a Disney Resort and not cheating our way over to the comforts of Universal at all. Finally the schedule opened up for both of us at the same time. I booked us plane tickets and we were on our way. 

Animal Kingdom Lodge was our home of choice throughout the visit because of my undying love of animals and my fondness for giraffes...which I saw outside of my window EVERY single day. I even named one Jeffrey, or maybe it's spelled Geoffrey...I don't know! My biggest concern with staying at a Disney hotel was that it wouldn't be adult friendly. Boy was I wrong! Animal Kingdom Lodge is very adult friendly, from its upscale dining options like "Jiko" to its lobby bar serving all sorts of great libations until midnight. The gift shop was also well equipped with adult bevies and cigars! They know what we adult types like there. :) I was also pleased to learn that the gym was open 24/7 (we still have to work out on vacation 😣) so having that access at all times was so important to us. The pool having a great bar was another plus...just stay at least 6 feet back from the water while indulging to keep the lifeguards happy! 

With the help of some great friends on the staff we were able to enjoy Club Level access which allowed us to get drinks anytime we wanted just by stopping by with our magic bands...and the magic bands alone might just be the most exciting things about Disney. They work at all of the parks, hotels and attractions. Leave your wallets at home! You can charge EVERYTHING to your magic band, you can load your tickets and fast passes on them and you can even open your room door with them. It's such a simple and streamlined system. Our magic bands never failed us. Not even once!  

My favorite park of course was Hollywood Studios, home to one of my favorite rides, the Tower of Terror (see my Twitter for our unique ride experience, which was also purchased with, you guessed it, my magic band).  I like to ride in the front on coasters, so if you followed by IG story that day you saw that I made an awesome friend on Rockin' Roller Coaster rand scored fast passes for the entire day INCLUDING THE NEW PANDORA RIDES! I was like a kid in the candy store being able to ride all of the rides I wanted to without some of those lengthy waits! Super fortunate and grateful for that! 

So yes, absolutely, we hopped over to Animal Kingdom next and got right on Flight of Passage which is SO awesome. It's a unique experience that's difficult to explain. Think Star Tours mixed with Soarin' but uniquely different in its own way.  

My Magic Kingdom highlights were the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a really fun little coaster and of course my dining experience at Be Our Guest Restaurant. First of all, they were on time with reservations which is a HUGE plus because of how darn busy that place is. It's the only place in the park (currently) to score alcohol and it did not disappoint with its extensive beer and wine list. AND the Beast was awesome. He's larger than life, charismatic and an all around great host. He is so formal that you kind of feel bad to have shown up to see him so casually dressed! Next time I'm changing before dinner, ha! And OH MY GOSH...the Grey truly is delicious! Leave room for dessert,  it's a must! 

Epcot is always a fave of mine. Cody and I always attempt to "Drink Around the World" and guys, I never make it. I don't think it's possible. But it's always definitely fun to try! The restaurant in Morrocco is delicious. Give that a try if you can! The lamb sliders were legit! 

My last stop on the Adult trip was Disney Springs. An absolute gem. Free parking. Luxurious shopping and fine dining. Live music everywhere and great bars. We stowed away at the Hangar Bar and did the most haha. Great drinks, fun atmosphere. Not much more you can ask for.  

I was very pleased with the kindness levels of staff at Disney. Everyone is very accommodating, and I know not everyone is in the public eye that reads my blog, but those that are really understand and appreciate how great it is to be treated nicely when someone recognizes you. Not once were we made a spectacle of, or made to feel uncomfortable being approached. We were treated professionally and like friends, which was very cool.  

Needless to say we will be back for another Adult All Disney Trip soon, and I can wait to see what other unique experiences come our way in the future. Toy Story Land and Galaxy's Edge are top on my list to try the second they are up and running.