The New Name


Soooooooo....the blog got an overhaul!!!! Yaaaaaas!! I felt that the previous design made it a bit difficult for folks to find the most recent posts. Too much jumbo jumbo in the way. This puts my latest posts at the top so now, no more searching! You can't miss it.


And...with the mighty overhaul came the new blog name: Not Another Basic B. It's not rocket science.  There are a lot of blogs out there. This one isn't basic. 🤷🏽‍♀️ And this "B" is truly thankful for every single person who reads it and shops my feed. We've grown a lot over the past couple of years and I thought my readers deserved a little more fun with this blog, so that's all this is about! And the outfits above? Totally randomly attached to this blog so you could easily follow the picture over from my social pages 😂  Please tell me it worked. (You can totally shop the look too, worry not).   


So....what do you guys and gals think of the new name? Basic? Not Basic? Everything you ever hoped it could be? Leave it in the comments 😉