Q&A Answers

Hey guys! Thanks for your questions. I like doing these here because I'm not limited to 140 characters for answers for people to then misinterpret. So here we are! Feel free to comment here if you enjoy something!  My  advice for women is to become the smartest person in the room. The "glass ceiling" is a real thing. It exists in most work places no matter how diverse they try to be. Most of the time, a man is in charge and men just don't think of the women they employ as equals, unless they have a special connection to them (like family).  So be smarter. Be one step ahead and don't be a "girl" about business. It's business. It's about you first and everything else second. Trust me, every employer thinks of their business first, not you first. I've worked everywhere. Newsrooms, TV shows, Ad offices, modeling world. Doesn't matter. Be the smartest and the most prepared. And ask for what you want. People will tell you no, all the more reason to find the ones that will say yes. Be professional at all times, you can still have fun, but keep it on the up.  Be aware of your opportunities and know your worth. Confidence is worth more than you know. "You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything."  

No. I don't have any desire to see what that kind of future holds. I'm an old soul. I don't enjoy much about new technologies and developments and such. I like to just live in the now and take it easy. 

I have been pretty fortunate not to have made any gleaming on air mistakes...yet. I have had to guess on the weights a couple of times and have felt like I might say the wrong thing but it usually comes out alright! Before the show starts though, sometimes we have to announce the foreign commentary teams and their names just don't come naturally to me! I don't have a German accent so I'm pretty sure I butcher Holger Boschen every time. I think he forgives me though! Haha. 

Ah, the old wrassler question. I am going to say what I've said before which is I am a trained wrestler. I trained at both FCW and NXT. In Tampa and Orlando respectively. YES I have trained with my husband. Yes. I have wrestling boots. Yes I have more gear than some of the female wrestlers that are currently on TV (the whole "always be prepared and never look anything but the part on TV"...that's in me). I was hired as a wrestling talent. Things went a different way. When I got hired in 2011 they were looking for different things. I was an athletic model...there were more of us than independent girls. Now that's changed quite a bit.  So maybe I don't fit into this current crop of talent? But I never say no, because I don't like to put my foot in my mouth. I don't make those decisions though. We all express that and people still don't seem to understand that a lot of things are not in our control as talent. All I can do is make suggestions and work really hard on ideas which I have done many times already. I am a jack of many trades. Someday maybe I'll share some on camera work with you guys. But not today. So I guess, that answer will have to do for now. Check back with me in a little while though. You never know what might happen 👀