Light in the Darkness

Going back to work after a tragedy is never easy. What happened last week to Dusty took the world by surprise, sure. But imagine those of us who were fortunate enough to know him. I was close with Dusty for many reasons. He didn't call me his daughter-in-law unless he was joking with his eyes I was his daughter. When these things happen part of strength, to me, is keeping it moving. Being the one member of the family able to do so I decided to go back to work and host Smackdown this week. It wasn't easy, but I'm glad I did it.

One thing I had to do was give myself a reason to return. It seems silly but motivation is key for me when I don't feel like doing something. If I can motivate myself, I can do anything. So I asked myself how can I pay tribute to Dusty in the role that I have? I don't wrestle, so I cannot do his moves, so I looked to my area of expertise and that of course

I began scouring the Internet to find a black and yellow polka dot dress. The pickings on this were slim and I didn't want to seem tacky, so I immediately gave up that hunt and went for black and yellow heels.  I found these at Choies.

Perfect! With the black and yellow dots and a very affordable price I ordered them up and set out to find a dress.

My first time turning to Lulu's and I was pleasantly surprised with my find! A beautiful lemon yellow curve hugging dress, with a deep sweetheart neckline. For me at work, it's a balance of two things...proper dress length for class, plunging neckline for sass! This dress delivered on both levels!

Now of course comes the shoes didn't ship in time. Ok, deep breath, wasn't meant to be. I decided to pair the dress with my plain black Louboutin's still black and yellow.

My husband was kind enough to scout out these black and yellow Louboutins for my birthday. He knew I had been looking for the other shoe and that these would be perfect.

Personally, I think Dusty had a hand in all of this. Every time I posted on Facebook about wanting new Loubies he would post back "Pop will get you whatever shoes you want darlin'".  He was the sweetest man. My work this week on Smackdown...all for him!

   Dress and Shoes and Choies


Brandi Runnels